Mission Statement

Theatre Group New Mexico is dedicated to enriching the cultural life of Grant County, our community, and our children by producing quality theater,  providing performing opportunities for regional and local talent of all ages, and offering theater education programs for our youth.


Ever had a hankering
to direct a play?

We're looking for a director for our Christmas production, which is, tentatively, "The Most Amazing Christmas Play Series in the Entire History of the World."

Christmas traditions are turned on their heads in this hilariously charming series of four short plays. In 'Clausarella', the reluctant heir to Santa's empire finds the strength to step out of his father's shadow and win true love. Kris Kringle and company get a lesson in corporate greed and worker's rights in 'Santa vs. The Garden Gnomes', while 'Revenge of the Gingerbread Boy' transforms the classic confectionary tale into a vendetta soap opera. Finally, 'Grandma Remembers Something' explores "the good old days that never were" and proves that nostalgia is a dish best served confused."

If you're interested, email